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The wine of our lands

Chardonnay Colli Mantovani

Wine made from Chardonnay grapes with a straw yellow color with greenish reflections, delicate, characteristic, fruity, sapid, dry, full flavor. Suitable as an aperitif and with fish, shellfish and shellfish dishes.

Alcohol content: 12,50%
Serving temperature: 10°C

Suggested pairings for:
Chardonnay is excellent with white meat dishes and not too tasty dishes. In phase of total maturation is excellent served as an aperitif.

Rosato IGT Alto Mincio

It is the typical Garda rose wine obtained from Cabernet and Pinot Noir grapes.
The pink color is given by the short contact of the skins with the must. It is a very pleasant wine with a delicate, pleasant aroma, dry taste, harmonious, slightly bitter, characteristic.
Suitable for appetizers and delicate risottos, enhances main courses of white meat and lake fish.

Alcohol content: 12%
Serving temperature: 10-12°C

Suggested pairings for:
Rosato is a very versatile wine and can accompany the whole meal. Due to its origin, it pairs perfectly with dishes based on lake fish, but it is also excellent with salami, ham and cheeses not very mature.

Rosso Civa IGT Alto Mincio

From the late harvest of red berried grapes is obtained an excellent wine with a very intense ruby color, fruity and spicy aroma, full taste, dry, harmonious, overall very pleasant.
Suitable for red meats, stews, roasts, cheeses.

Alcohol content: 13%
Serving temperature: 16-18°C

Suggested pairings for:
Rosso Civa is a wine that adapts perfectly to the whole meal. Excellent with game meat. It goes well with white meats and not too tasty dishes; excellent with our canederli.